Alanah Pearce explains why PS5 fans should want Xbox Series X to succeed

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[jwplayer 91I9RIGm]Gaming personality Alanah Pearce went viral after explaining why PlayStation 5 fans should want one of Xbox Series X’s main features to succeed. The Australian star stated it’s “f**king nuts” that players aren’t talking more about Microsoft’s next-gen plans.

On July 23, Microsoft gave fans their first look at their next-generation hardware – the Xbox Series X. The publisher revealed a slew of marquee titles for it such as Halo Infinite and a reboot of the beloved fantasy RPG Fable.

However according to online gaming personality Alanah Pearce, some players are not talking enough about the publisher’s features for their next console. The Australian explained why everyone should be rooting for it to succeed.

xbox game studios
Microsoft showed off titles from Xbox Studios during their July event.

Why PS5 players should want Xbox feature to succeed

During her July 24 upload, Pearce expressed being baffled by how little people are talking about Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription. “The fact that we’re not talking about how every single game from the Xbox showcase is coming to Game Pass is f**king nuts!”

She stated that every consumer should be praising the feature for its value. “Fact is, no matter what games you play, or what platform you like, you should be cheering from the f**king rooftops that someone in the games industry has every single game that they showed available to you for a $15 subscription.”

She then explained that even players that don’t like Xbox should give props to the program, so that other companies follow suit. “It is crazy that one of these corporations are doing this and everyone is like “I don’t care about those games though.” Okay, but what if you praised it anyways? Because then other companies might consider doing it,” she said.

The 27-year-old called it the “best deal” in the industry, and explained how it makes games affordable to everyone.”How is this not incredible? It’s objectively the best deal in video games right now. There is a lot of people who can’t afford buy multiple games a year. It’s just so good for gamers.”

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Despite Pearce’s enthusiasm for Game Pass, she also acknowledged that there are still unknowns about it such as the impact it could have on developers and whether Microsoft can sustain it.

The personality found it shocking that people were brushing the program off, and said it was “nuts” that people on social media were more concerned with how Halo looked graphically than the pro-consumer feature.

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