$2,000 Indie game launches on Steam and it’s only two hours long

steam money stacks headerSteam

An indie developer called ProX has released a Steam game priced at nearly $2,000, despite it only being a couple of hours long.

As many gamers know, this hobby can be quite expensive, with modern releases costing $70 on next-gen platforms like PS5 and Xbox Series X.

However, sometimes an expensive game comes along that knocks players off their feet thanks to its eye-popping asking price.

This is the case with one recent indie game called ‘The Hidden and Unknown’ that has popped up on Steam, which has a jaw-dropping asking price of $1,999.90.

Steam indie game selling for nearly $2,000

According to its Steam page, The Hidden and Unknown released on January 23, 2023, by developer ProX. The description calls it “a story-based game, that aims to widen the perception of its audience in the areas of psychology and philosophy.”

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However, the screenshots offer on steam certainly don’t paint the game as some incredibly high-budget product worthy of its staggeringly high price tag, as all of them show simple, static screenshots with text boxes similar to something found in a visual novel game.

At the time of writing, the game has a total of eight Steam reviews with a mixed reception. However, the review that over 1,500 users found most helpful said the game was “drably written, hideously illustrated, and offers a contemptible worldview.”

the hidden unknown steam game screenshotProX
A screenshot from The Hidden and Unknown showing its visual novel-esque gameplay.

Interestingly, the developer has spoken out about its rationale behind the game’s high price point. When asked by the publication TheGamer on the decision behind the $2,000 price tag, ProX said that it was their “right” to price the game so highly.

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However, ProX also conceded that many players can simply purchase the game, experience the story quickly, and request a refund if they choose. “…you can finish the entire story, and then refund the game as to ensure that you do not feel cheated out of your money.”

According to Steam’s refund policy, a refund must be submitted within 14 days of purchase and the game cannot be played for more than two hours, so those interested in trying out The Hidden and Unknown despite its high asking price should exercise caution.