Ghost Arm’s Wife Makes Amazing Tilted Towers Lightbox

Ghost ARM

The Fortnite Twitch streamer and YouTuber who posted a 15 kill solo win with only one arm is back with another video, this time showing off the incredible Tilted Towers lightbox his wife built.

Ghost Arm had made waves recently on the Fortnite subreddit, where his posts inspire all types of gamers.

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This time it was his wife’s work that took center stage with an intricately detailed, LED lightbox based on Fortnite.

The box was created from 13 individual layers, all hand carved with a hobby knife.

Prominently featured in the front of the box is Ghost Arm’s logo and the light show can be controlled remotely.

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Ghost Arm talked about the special meaning the lightbox has to him and why his wife chose that design.

“If I’m into something [my wife] will make something to go along with it. Once I got into Fortnite she was like, ‘Yeah, can make you a Fortnite one and we can make it on Tilted Towers’… I got my highest kill game dropping in Tilted, so it’s definitely really special.”

Ghost Arm notes that his streams and videos are a partnership between the couple, as his wife creates all the graphics and helps out with video editing.

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The Twitch streamer first gained popularity after the video of his impressive solo victory went viral.

In his post on the 15 kill effort, Ghost Arm explains the main reason for his channel.

I’m always hoping to inspire people like me, or just anyone. You can do great things if you just push yourself, don’t let YOU be your biggest limitation.