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Fortnite Battle Royale • Aug 31, 2019

Why Fortnite's BRUTE Mechs have been temporarily disabled [UPDATED]

Why Fortnite's BRUTE Mechs have been temporarily disabled [UPDATED]
Epic Games

UPDATE 8/31 3:06 PM PT

On August 31, the official Fortnite Twitter confirmed that the controversial mech’s would be returning in core playlists and limited-time modes, but would remain absent from competitive, at least until next week.

"The issue with the Air Stomp attack for the B.R.U.T.E has been resolved. They have been re-enabled in all core playlists and supported Limited Time Modes, but will remain disabled in competitive playlists until early next week."

Epic Games disabled the controversial BRUTE mech’s in Fortnite Battle Royale on August 30, but there’s bad news for some players, as the change didn't turn out to be permanent.


There is no question that the BRUTE robot suits are arguably the most controversial addition Fortnite has ever seen, even more so than the Infinity Sword and Ballers.

However, after some new developments on Saturday, players don't have to worry about the terrorizing vehicles anymore, at least for a little while.

On August 30, Epic Games announced that they had temporarily removed BRUTEs from all playlists, competitive and casual, due to some sort of issue with the Mech's stop attack.

"The B.R.U.T.E has been temporarily disabled from all playlists while we resolve and issue cause by its air stomp attack," they tweeted. "We're working to resolve this issue and will provide an update when we have more information."


The air stomp attack allows players controlling a BRUTE to soar upwards and then come straight down with a crushing force on an enemy, dealing considerable amounts of damage.

The move can also destroy anything that's perishable or that can be farmed, but thanks to some nerfs that were recently implemented, it no longer grants materials from things that the Mech destroys. 


However, considering how strongly opposed most players are to these robots, it's not hard to guess that many are hoping Epic just keep the flipped switched to off.

Epic Games
The BRUTEs were apparently disabled due to an issue with their air stomp attack.


The BRUTE Mech suits were first added in the popular battle royale title at the start of Season X, starting what has turned into quite the battle between the player-base and developers.

At first, Epic stood their ground, even trying to inject sense into their decision by offering an explanation as to why they were keeping the vehicles in the game.

But they ultimately decided to back down, implementing a series of nerfs that considerably toned down the damage potential of the Mechs, which ended up taking a backseat to the recent Turbo Building controversy anyway. 

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