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When Will the ‘Fortnite X Avengers Infinity War’ Mashup Go Live? Epic Games Announce Release Time for V.4.1 Update

Published: 7/May/2018 21:05 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 18:13

by DG Goldstein


Epic Games announced the release time of the V.4.1 update in Fortnite which will bring the ‘Avengers Infinity War’ mashup limited time mode.

Now recognized as one of the most popular games in the world with millions of fans and players worldwide, Fortnite: Battle Royale has established itself as a titan within the gaming industry.

Many have complimented Epic Games, the developer of the title, for their ability to consistently bring new content to the table ever since its release in late 2017, including weapons, items, and other forms of content.

New updates and patches are introduced almost every week, with the developer being regarded as the ‘Gold Standard’ by many in the community for their commitment to the title.

While large-scale additions have been introduced in the past, the announcement of the ‘Fortnite X Avengers Infinity War’ Limited Time Mode has community members in a frenzy, with the game mode set to go live on Tuesday, May 8th.

A day prior, Epic Games revealed that the V.4.1 update, which is set to likely include the LTM, will launch at 4 AM EST (1 AM PST, 9 AM BST) on May 8th.

As of writing, it is unknown what else will be included in the V.4.1 update, however, we will continue to provide updates as more information is made available.

More on the Fortnite X Avengers Infinity War Limited Time Mode can be found right here.


Where to visit houses in Slurpy Swamp for Fortnite Week 7 challenge

Published: 15/Jan/2021 10:18

by Daniel Megarry


To complete Fortnite Season 5’s Week 7 challenges, you’ll need to visit houses at Slurpy Swamp in one single match. Here’s where to find them with a handy locations map.

Another week of Fortnite action means another set of weekly challenges for players to complete. Following the recent v15.20 update, players will no doubt be looking for more ways to collect XP and level up their Battle Pass.

As well as quests to destroy Slurp Barrels and collect books at Holly Hedges & Sweaty Sands, Week 7 features a location-based challenge that requires players to ‘Visit Houses in Slurpy Swamp in One Match’.

This challenge might sound pretty self-explanatory at first glance, but if you don’t know where you’re looking, it can actually be quite confusing. Fortunately, we’ve got a handy guide and map for you below.

Slurpy Swamp house locations in Fortnite

Fortnite Slurpy Swamp Houses
Epic Games
There are several houses to find just south of Slurpy Swamp.

The most important thing to point out here is that there aren’t actually any houses in the main section of the Slurpy Swamp point of interest. This is probably why players have been getting confused about how to complete the challenge.

You’ll need to visit three houses in total to complete this challenge, and you need to visit all of them in one single match. To do this, you’ll have to venture west of the main factory area and enter the swamp itself.

We’ve found six houses that you can visit here, and marked them on the map below. Some of them look rather derelect, so it’s easy to mistake them for being unimportant structures.

Fortnite Slurpy Swamp Houses Map
Epic Games
House locations in Slurpy Swamp on the Fortnite map.

Simply step inside three of the houses and you’ll tick off the challenge, earning yourself 20,000 XP in the process.

You’ll want to land nearby and complete this challenge rather quickly, as it’s right at the edge of the map. If the circle ends up shrinking towards the opposite side of The Island, you’ll have to race to avoid getting eliminated by the Storm.

Fun fact: This swamp is full of Slurp juice that’s leaked out of the nearby factory, which means you’ll slowly heal the longer you stand in it. This could be a good location to complete this week’s ‘Gain Max Shields in a Single Match’ challenge.

Looking to earn even more XP before the week is over? Check out our complete Fortnite Season 5 Week 7 Challenges guide.