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Two Fortnite Chapter 2 exploits that make you immune to fall damage

Published: 26/Nov/2019 23:19

by Albert Petrosyan


There are two exploits currently in Fortnite Chapter 2 that give players immunity from fall damage, no matter how high up they fall down from.

Fall damage is one of the more annoying aspects of Fortnite, because often players inflict it upon themselves and end up taking heavy damage or even dying by their own hand.

It’s also one of the game’s biggest equalizers for lesser-skilled players who can’t keep up during intense gunfights and end up resorting to shooting the enemy builds down, causing the opponent to fall to their death.

However, there are not one but two ways in Fortnite right now that can actually prevent players from getting hurt after falling from great heights.

These exploits, which we’ll call the Zipline method and bush-ramp method, both require certain steps be completed, the details about which we’ve included below, courtesy of YouTuber ‘OrangeGuy.’

Epic GamesOne of the two fall damage exploits involves the use of Ziplines.

How to prevent fall damage in Fortnite – Zipline method

As the name suggests, this method requires the use of a Zipline in the beginning. Ziplines offer protection from fall damage, and that mechanic can be exploited to be reserved for later.

  1. Find a Zipline that goes over any body of water and begin to ride it.
  2. While over the water, jump off the Zipline and land into the deep part of the water.
  3. The glowing fall damage protection from the Zipline should remain active after you land, and it can now be used to prevent fall damage of any kind one time.

How to prevent fall damage in Fortnite – bush-ramp method

This method is a bit less straightforward, but it can still be easily executed as long as these steps are followed properly:

  1. Find a large bush and walk into it as much as you can until you’re well within the leaves.
  2. While in the bush, build and start walking up a ramp however high you want.
  3. You have now achieved the immunity, and a fall from any height will not damage you as long as you don’t get off the builds and don’t jump before you fall.

A visual demonstration for both of these methods can be found in OrangeGuy’s video below, starting at the 1:17 mark for mobile users.

Both of these exploits are more situational than anything else, in that they’re limited to being useful in only certain situations.

That said, they still provide a very powerful perk to players, who can play the game with more freedom when not worrying about falling to their death.

One thing that is crucially important to note is that both of these tricks will more than likely be classified as bannable exploits by developers Epic Games, so we DO NOT recommend using them in public or competitive matches.


Did The Rock just tease he’s getting a Fortnite skin?

Published: 27/Nov/2020 18:09

by Tanner Pierce


After an appearance by a very cartoony-looking float during the Macy’s Thanksgivings Day Parade, The Rock hinted that he may end up getting a skin in the popular battle royale game Fortnite, although he’s being a bit vague. 

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade floats are known their pop culture references. Between Pikachu, Goku, and others making appearances, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that one based on the popular young Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson meme a few years back would make its way into the 2020 version of the parade.

Seemingly because it’s a float, the giant balloon itself seems to be a cartoon representation of the meme, rather than a hyper-realistic one. After one person seemed to point out that it looks a bit like a Fortnite skin, the former wrestler now actor responded in a way that’s raising a few eyebrows.

In response to the comment about his float looking like a Fortnite character, The Rock simply responded with “way ahead of you” and “great minds”. This obviously caused a few people to pause and ask themselves if he just hinted at a Fortnite skin.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any official comment from Epic but the comment is certainly suspicious. While one could make the argument that The Rock was saying that he also had the same thought before the original tweeter, the wink face emoji seen after the tweet is a bit peculiar. Surely he would know not to put that kind of statement out with that emoji unless he meant to hint at it, right?

It’s also a bit odd that he also responded to someone who tweeted that they “shouldn’t give them any ideas”, meaning he could have been totally knowledgable in what he’s doing.

His inclusion in the game also wouldn’t be surprising. Fortnite is known for its crossovers at this point, even allowing for some Icon Series skins based on celebrities like Ninja and others. It could also be a part of a larger WWE crossover, considering there’s a plethora of characters there to make skins out of.

Still, until nothing official is announced, take this with a massive grain of salt. Here’s hoping that if it is real that it will get announced soon, however.