TSM CaMiLLs Discovers Crazy Flying Shopping Cart Glitch in Fortnite Battle Royale

Calum Patterson

Pro Fortnite player for Team SoloMid Juan “CaMiLLs” Camilla discovered an insane glitch with the newly added Shopping Cart in Fortnite Battle Royale – as it launched him and his teammate high in the air.

The shopping carts had been rumored to be on the way to the popular battle royale game for some time now, and were finally added with the v4.3.0 update on May 30th.

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The new update also added consumable Mushrooms, which similar to the Apples added previously which grant +5 health, these fungi will give players a +5 shield boost.

But the shopping carts are likely the most game changing addition, being the first real ‘vehicle’ to be added – although players can’t actually move much faster than they would simply sprinting.

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However, if this insane glitch found by CaMiLLs is anything to go by, these new shopping carts will be more useful than first impressions would suggest.

Playing with other popular streamers and YouTubers CDNThe3rd, RequiemSlaps and fellow TSM member “HighDistortion”, the team came across a very peculiar issue with building at the same time as riding a cart.

As RequiemSlaps rode the cart with CaMiLLs pushing, the duo built wood walls and ramps over the water section ‘Loot Lake’, the pair were suddenly were launched flying into the air.

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It is unclear if this is a one off, or if it can be replicated by following CaMiLLs and his teammates approach.

If it can be, then these Shopping Carts could be used similarly to the Launch Pads – although with no option to open the glider players will have to careful not to die from fall damage.

Epic Games is usually quick to address all the bugs and glitches resulting from new items, so they are no doubt already on the case – meaning you may need to act fast if you want to try this out yourself.