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Tfue proves how overpowered the BRUTE mech is by destroying Fortnite pros

Published: 17/Aug/2019 15:00 Updated: 17/Aug/2019 15:11

by Joe Craven


Popular Twitch streamer Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney showed, once again, how overpowered Fortnite’s BRUTE mechs are, with an insane clip against fellow professionals. 

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Fortnite’s BRUTE mechs have received an overwhelmingly negative response from the majority of the community, with many prominent figures condemning them as overpowered and without sufficient counters. 

In spite of the backlash, Epic Games are refusing to budge, explaining in an August 15 post that the Mechs are helping less talented players achieve victory royales. However, if unskilled players are successful with them, imagine what they can do in the hands of one of the world’s best. 


Epic GamesThe BRUTEs have been slammed by the majority of players.
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Tfue was in Arena Trios alongside longtime duo Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore and Team Liquid pro Thomas ‘72hrs‘ Mulligan, when he hopped into the Mech in order to secure the victory. 

He demolishes a number of enemy builds, before taking out three enemies – FaZe Dubs and Megga, and Envy LeNain. 

The ridiculous nature of the BRUTE mechs is evident, with Tfue not having to do anything but vaguely aim at the opponents and fire 10 missiles at a time. There is nothing his opponents can do, as he eliminates three of the best in the world while in a completely invulnerable position. 


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The missiles have been one of the major issues with the BRUTEs, given the fact that 10 are fired simultaneously. This often means the first five or so demolish the players builds, with the rest annihilating the player, even if they are at maximum health and shields. 

Similarly, players in the mechs are protected by a defensive shield and a 1000 HP, meaning their insane offensive firepower can be utilized while in an invulnerable position. 

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Tfue has been critical of the mechs in the past, even telling Epic Games to “go fuck yourselves” as a result of their in game power. However, he appears content to use them to his own advantage, destroying enemy pros with little difficulty. 


Epic Games apparently see no issue with the BRUTEs current performance, explaining that it aids lesser players.