Team Khanada wins Fortnite Ninja Battles Week 3 – Final placements

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Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has finally returned to hosting his Ninja Battles tournaments after a two-month hiatus and all-new winners took home the first-place prize. Here’s a full recap of how the latest event unfolded.

Ninja launched his own series of Fortnite competitions back in May with a whopping $80,000 up for grabs week in and week out. While the first two weeks went off without a hitch as North America’s best trios did battle, the event soon came to a halt. 

With the surprise collapse of Mixer, the streaming superstar was left without a platform to call home. What followed was weeks of silence, with Ninja admittedly considering retirement from streaming altogether. However, he finally made his return on August 5 with a random Twitch stream.

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While he’s not yet willing to lock down with any platform in particular, this stream marked his return to the spotlight. Allowing his Fortnite tournaments to come back in full force as well. The third week of Ninja Battles competition rolled around on August 13 and we’ve got you covered with a full recap.

Ninja Battles promotional imageNinja
The original schedule has been overhauled as a result of Ninja’s streaming hiatus.

The latest iteration of the one-day tournament brought together 18 of the top Fortnite trios across NA. From FaZe Clan players such as Nate Hill, to World Cup champion Bugha, and NRG’s Benjyfishy, the event was stacked with popular names and veteran competitors alike.

Each trio was to compete in a total of five matches during the tournament. Teams would then be scored based on their final placement in each match, along with their collective eliminations. Here’s how the action played out.

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Ninja Battles Week 3 – Final Placements

While plenty of big names came out swinging, the trios that actually placed in the money might come as a surprise. Bugha’s team couldn’t quite stay ahead of the pack this time around, falling to 14th place overall. Meanwhile, the likes of 100 Thieves duo rehx and Arkhram landed in the sixth spot while teaming with NRG’s EpikWhale. Below is a full list of the final placements.

Placement Team Prize (USD)
 1st  Bucke, Kreo, Khanada  $25,000
 2nd  Riversan, Zyfa, nosh  $15,000
 3rd  Reverse2k, mero, Deyy  $10,000
 4th  Cloud, Ferrnando, Iciev  $8,000
 5th  Clix, MackWood, yung calculator  $5,000
 6th  Arkhram, EpicWhale, rehx  $5,000
 7th  Keys, Slackes, Illest  $3,000
0 8th  Stretch, Saf, Zayt  $3,000
 9th  Av, RogueShark, Knight  $2,000
10th Unkown, Benjyfishy, crr $2,000
11th Scoped, Assault, innocents $1,000
12th EmadGG, Commandment, Cented $1,000
13th Eclipsae, nanolite, Sommerset
14th Bugha, Chap, Avery
15th Bizzle, Dubs, Megga
16th Nick Eh 30, Replays, Edgey
17th Ceice, Paper, Jamper
18th Nate Hill, 72hrs, Funk

Taking out the first place prize was the trio of Khanada, Kreo, and Bucke. While all three are veteran competitors, this event marked one of the first times they actually played together. Kreo is most known for his fourth-place finish at the World Cup in 2019. Thanks to his efforts this time around, his team was able secure $25,000 in this online event.

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While the third week of Ninja Battles made its triumphant return on August 13, there’s currently no date locked in for week four.