Summer Skirmish Week 2 Winner Discusses Mouse and Keyboard Accusations on the Fortnite Podcast

Various members of the Fortnite competitive community were up-in-arms over the recent Summer Skirmish winner ‘iDropz_Bodies’ and the accusation that he ‘cheated.

Hosted on Friday, July 20, the second ‘Summer Skirmish’ tournament hosted by Epic Games featured a relatively-unknown player take home the $60,000 Grand Prize after a dominant performance across the day.

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However, following the victory, numerous community members began to hit out at iDropz_Bodies with claims that he was cheating throughout the entire tournament with different accusations, which led to a major debate between those on both sides.

Epic Games eventually needed to step in and run behind-the-scenes tests on the matter at hand, with the Fortnite developer stating that they found no evidence of foul play, and that iDropz_Bodies won the tournament in a fair manner.

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Regardless of Epic Games clearing his name, many still believe that he used a keyboard and mouse while on the PlayStation 4, yet even though this method is technically allowed in the rules, iDropz_Bodies denies all use of the method.

On the Fortnite Podcast with MonsterDFace and TwoLoudTX, the Summer Skirmish winner mentioned how regardless of what he does, it will be difficult to convince anyone that he did not use a mouse and keyboard until he gets a full stream setup.

“[There’s] no point in arguing with people. There’s no way I’ll be able to convince anybody that I didn’t use mouse and keyboard until I get my setup and I actually ‘hand-cam’ streams.”

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The full Fortnite Podcast with iDropz_Bodies (Ep.37) can be viewed below, brought to you by