Quick and Easy Way to Get Down From Great Heights in Fortnite Without a Bouncer or Launch Pad


While holding high ground positioning in Fortnite can be advantageous at times, being stuck and not being able to drop down can prove to be a hindrance.

Without a Launch Pad or Bouncer, getting down from great heights can be difficult without sustaining serious fall damage.

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One player, who goes by ‘Gunfly_’ on Twitter, has come up a neat trick that can help players drop from high up in Fortnite quickly and easily.

Experimenting in the safe haven of the Playground LTM, the player has figured out that, while dropping, if one were to continuously build walls and edit in a window at the same time, their character’s fall would reset each time and thus not sustain fall damage when hitting the ground.

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Here is a clip demonstrating the method that has gone viral on social media.

YouTuber ‘TmarTn’ confirmed that the trick works in his own video on Twitter.

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While this is a method that might not be used in every game situation, it certainly provides a backup plan if a player needs to get down to ground level quickly without risking damage.

It is not yet clear whether this is an intended in-game mechanic or if it is a glitch, so there is the off chance that Epic might patch it now that it has come into the spotlight.

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