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Psalm proves the Fortnite BRUTE is overpowered with insane cross map kills

Published: 20/Aug/2019 9:33 Updated: 20/Aug/2019 9:54

by Joe Craven


Fortnite World Cup runner up Harrison ‘Psalm’ Chang has shown how overpowered the BRUTE mech is at range in Epic Games’ battle royale, with a number of crazy cross-map eliminations. 

Psalm finished in second place in the solos at July’s Fortnite World Cup, coming in with a very respectable 33 points after six matches. While this was 26 points shy of the tournament winner, Kyle ‘Bugha‘ Giersdorf, it was enough to secure the 24-year-old $1.8million. 

He has since experienced a surge in social media following, including on Twitch. On August 18 Chang was streaming the Fortnite Trios tournament, and demonstrated how ridiculous the BRUTEs are in the hands of one of the world’s best. 


Epic GamesPsalm placed second at July’s Fortnite World Cup.

There has been significant backlash over the BRUTE’s inclusion in Fortnite Season X. Epic Games are standing firm on the matter; explaining that the robots aid lesser skilled players in achieving victories

Psalm was playing in Fortnite’s Trio tournament – against other professional players – and demonstrated just how ridiculous the BRUTE is. 

The CLG star was situated at the top of a mountain, with a good view of the remaining zone. He then uses the BRUTE’s missiles to get multiple knocks, at a crazy distance of 125 meters. 

As he destroyed his opponents, Psalm yelled: “I’m the meta-master baby!” It is exactly the kind of clip that has caused the majority of the community to call for a nerf to the mechs. 


The BRUTE’s missiles are one of the major issues players have had with the robot, given the fact that it is able to fire ten simultaneously. This ability effectively negates player’s defensive builds, as the first few missiles tear through their defenses and the remaining annihilate the player’s health.

Epic GamesThe BRUTEs have been criticized as overpowered for a number of their features.

While implemented to aid lesser-skilled players achieve victories, the BRUTEs have been criticized as too strong, and without sufficient counters. 

The debate has also raged regarding their inclusion in competitive modes, where less-skilled players are unlikely to be playing. While it doesn’t look like a change is on its way, stay tuned for the v10.10 patch notes, which are set to be released on August 20. 


If this is all it takes to “master” the meta, we expect to be seeing more players doing it soon.