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Proximity Grenade Launcher coming soon to Fortnite

Published: 10/Jun/2019 15:04 Updated: 10/Jun/2019 15:16

by David Purcell


A brand new Proximity Grenade Launcher is officially coming to Fortnite, confirming previously leaked information from dataminers. 

The weapon, which is expected to be included in the next update on June 13, appeared in the game’s news feed on June 10, along with a teasing message that could give us an idea about what to expect from it – or not. 

“It’s not a horseshoe or a hand grenade, but close still counts” the messages states in-game, which doesn’t really give all that much away. 

Epic GamesEpic Games have added the Proximity Grenade Launcher to Fortnite’s in-game news feed.

Images of the new gun are not the only things to have potentially been revealed early, as the gun’s statistics have also been leaked by Shield Storm One. It certainly looks like it will pack a punch, too. 

If the leaked information is to be believed, the new Proximity Grenade Launcher will inflict between 67-70 damage, depending on rarity, per hit. That figure doesn’t change in terms of distance either, meaning that it could be a fairly useful weapon in any player’s arsenal. 

Storm Shield OneStorm Shield One have already published the Proximity Grenade Launcher’s Fortnite statistics.

The date and time of its arrival is still yet to be confirmed, but at least now we know that it will be added to the game for sure. Whether or not that could spark the exit of the original grenade launcher, which does more damage (between 100-120) remains to be seen. 

This announcement doesn’t in any way confirm the leaked statistics, though. Even if the information is accurate, Epic may make tweaks before it’s finally available to use. 

We’ll have to wait and see just how it performs in-game when its added. 


How to get God of War Kratos skin in Fortnite Season 5

Published: 4/Dec/2020 0:45

by Brad Norton


One of the faces of PlayStation has arrived in Fortnite Season 5 as the God of War himself now has his very own skin. Here’s how you can grab the new Kratos reward for yourself.

Seemingly out of nowhere, some of the biggest leaks in Fortnite history appeared online over the past few days. Both Sony and Microsoft are getting their own items in Epic’s popular battle royale title. While Master Chief will seemingly be available soon, Kratos is the standout for now.

After a critically-acclaimed revamp of the franchise in 2018, the PlayStation nation is anxiously awaiting any new information surrounding the 2021 follow-up. Before we get there, however, there are a few new goodies to hold the community over in Fortnite.

You can now drop into Fortnite’s Season 5 update with everyone’s favorite dad. Not only that, but you can even wield his Leviathan Axe in battle, along with a few other iconic items. Here’s how you can grab them all.

Kratos bundle now available in Fortnite

As the first iconic character in a new ‘Gaming Legends’ series in Fortnite, Kratos is making a huge impact. The Oathbreaker set contains more than just his standard skin. You’ll also be able to use the Leviathan Axe to chop down materials, drop into battle with the Guardian Shield Glider, and bring Mimir with you as Back Bling.

Two subtle rewards are also crammed into the set as well. Just wielding the all-powerful Axe gives you access to an exclusive emote in-game. Additionally, for those on PlayStation 5, there’s another full skin to unlock.

Just by playing a single game with the standard Kratos skin, you’ll unlock an Armored Kratos Style cosmetic fit with stunning golden armor.

All of these new rewards are available to purchase in the Item Shop. A full bundle is available, priced at 2200 V-Bucks. Though you can also buy a few individual items. Kratos alone will run you 1,500 V-Bucks. The Axe is up for grabs at 1,000 V-Bucks. While the Glider is also available as a separate piece for 800 V-Bucks.

Fortnite shop Kratos skin
Epic Games
The God of War franchise has well and truly made its mark on Fortnite.

Season 5 has only just kicked off in Fortnite. Yet we’ve already got both Star Wars and now God of War characters running around the map. It’s only a matter of time before the next major crossover.

We already know Master Chief is on the way thanks to some early leaks. But the door is now wide open for future additions.