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Player discovers genius method for tracking Supply Crates in Fortnite

Published: 2/Dec/2018 21:09 Updated: 2/Dec/2018 21:16

by Vincent Genova


The recent Fortnite patch has given clever players a new way to find and track Supply Crates easier than ever.

As discovered by YouTuber Opularity, the new patch gave players the ability to assign the “marker” action to a keybind.

Previously, the only way to mark something in Fortnite was by opening the map and moving the cursor.

With the new update, you can now look at a supply crate and know it’s exact location of where it will land, If you’re not close. from r/FortNiteBR

Now that marking can be done at any time, Opularity pointed his reticle at a falling Supply Crate and hit their assigned key and the game tracked the crate.

The new marker can be followed as usual, it will be visible if you open your map or it is always visible at the top of your screen on the compass.


Those without a PC with a big fancy keyboard can still get in on the fun as Fortnite also allows custom binds on console.

Opularity suggests Xbox and PS4 users assign the marker functionality to their D-pad if they want to try this Supply Crate tracking method.

In addition to the new marking functionality, Fortnite is also about to experience changes to its map once again.

In the lead up to Season 7, players have spotted new portals and smoke effects forming around the map, as well as a distant iceberg with a castle that turned its lights on.