OpTic’s Maniac Gives His Perspective on the Fortnite Keyboarding Controversy

Nick ‘OpTic MaNiaC’ Kershner is the latest to weigh in on the debate about keyboard and mouse being allowed on console versions of Fortnite.

In a series of tweets, OpTic MaNiaC disagreed with Epic’s stance on allowing keyboard use and is looking for an apology from those who misunderstood his initial comments.

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Kershner defended his earlier comments that implied people were using keyboards on consoles, but clarified that his issue is with Epic allowing it and not with the players using it.

The controversy started with unfounded claims against iDropz_Bodies, the winner of Fortnite’s $500,000 Week 2 Summer Skirmish. He was not streaming his matches due to an apparent lack of a PC setup, which led established pros to question the legitimacy of his performance.

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The accusations involved iDropz_Bodies cancelling out of unfavorable matches, having friends feed him kills and using a third party adapter to get a mouse on console.

Epic investigated and found no wrongdoing in the victory, however they clarified that even if iDropz_Bodies was using a mouse, it would not be considered illegal. 

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This mouse and keyboard comment is what set the community off in debate, claiming it could ruin the competitive balance of the game.

Professional players with smaller followings were upset at players from major organizations saying iDropz_Bodies victory was not legitimate, claiming a bias against the talent of lesser known players. WishYouLuck made a video calling out established pros – though not by name.

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