One Handed Fortnite Battle Royale Player Goes on Incredible 15 Kill Solo Rampage

A Twitch streamer and YouTuber with one hand has shared an incredible video of himself winning a solo Fortnite game with a total of 15 kills.

Ghost Arm, or “TheGhostARM” on Twitch, currently boasts less than 100 subscribers on YouTube and 400 followers on Twitch, and currently focuses his efforts on playing Fortnite.

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And he’s no slouch at it! He recently uploaded a YouTube video where he picked up a impressive 15 kills on route to picking up the Victory Royale with relative ease.

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In a reddit thread about the same game, Ghost Arm said that he is aware that he is “far from being a pro player” but wants to be an inspiration for other gamers with similar disabilities.

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Another player said that he plays with half an arm on his left side and uses his thigh to aim, saying “it’s always cool seeing a player who has the same amount of arms as me playing (and killing it, I might add)”.

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Responses in that same thread suggest that Ghost Arm is well on his way towards achieving his goal of inspiring people and showing them what they are capable of.

With over 4,000 upvotes on Reddit, Ghost Arm can expect to see a rapid increase in his follower and subscriber counts in the very near future.

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