Ninja’s wife Jessica proves Fortnite’s BRUTE Mechs aren’t always overpowered

Jessica Blevins - Instagram

Superstar streamer Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins tried to prove a point concerning Fortnite using his wife Jessica, but his plan ended up not going the way he had intended.

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There is no doubt that the talk of the town over the past few weeks when it comes to Fortnite has concerned the BRUTE Mechs, which were added at the beginning of Season X.

Overpowered to the core, these robot suits give players the ability to deal insane amounts of damage, farm tons of materials quickly, and absorb a lot of hits from enemies.

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Almost every content creator and pro player has denounced these destruction machines, and even Epic Games themselves have admitted that their purpose is to limit the skill gap between the top-tier players and the lower skilled ones.

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Hoping to demonstrate this point live on his stream, Ninja used is wife Jessica in an in-game experiment, since she hardly ever plays the game and would be considered a novice. 

Team NinjaNinja’s Fortnite experiment with his wife didn’t go as planned.
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While sitting in the weapon-controlling seat of the Mech, Ninja called over Jessica and told her to start playing for him, instructing her that all she had to do was fire the BRUTEs rockets at enemies.

“Literally all you need to do is sit inside, you don’t need to do anything else,” he explained. “Just hold down left click like this. See the laser? You don’t even need to do anything, you don’t even need to touch it either.”

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Eventually she came across some enemy players, and in almost every other scenario, that would spell doom for those opponents as they helplessly watched the giant Mech stomp its way towards them.

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However, Jessica was unable to deal any fatal blows, and the players were able to shoot down the robot and cause her to shoot out of it, which ultimately led to her elimination. 

Segment begins at 1:30 mark for mobile users.

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Ironically, the point that Ninja was trying to prove ended up getting disproved, as not literally everyone can just hop in a Mech suit in Fortnite and succeed.

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The BRUTEs are undoubtedly overpowered, there is no questioning that fact – but if this experiment proved anything, it’s that they’re not always dominant.