Ninja explains why playing Fortnite BR with controllers on PC is overpowered

Alan Bernal
Epic Games / Ninja Twitch

Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Even though a lot of players swear by the mouse and keyboard, there is a portion of the community who feel that using a PlayStation or Xbox controller could give a bit of an unfair advantage.

Though PC players have the ability to enjoy incredibly high frames on their custom rigs, console players have an aim assist that helps track opponents with their controller’s analog sticks. Then there are some players who get crafty by using a console controller on their PCs.

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Epic Games
Aim assist can be a crucial tool when a big fight breaks out in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Does Ninja have a problem with console players?

Before discussions in his Twitch Chat turned into full-on console bashing, Ninja made sure to get the point across that he has no hate for console or controller players, but that the discussion definitely needs to be opened up again.

“I think it needs to be talked about a little more,” Ninja said. “When the only thing they’re doing is the left trigger. If that makes sense.”

Ninja is referring to the technique some controller players use that has them spamming the Left Trigger to constantly aim with their weapon. In doing so, they are getting a steady stream of aim assist in hopes of getting the best first shots.

Aim assist is a delicate topic

Even as the game’s most popular streamer, Ninja even finds it tricky to have an honest conversation about the ins and outs of the mechanic.

“I don’t know, it’s so sensitive,” Ninja said. “It’s such a sensitive topic. I love console gaming. I came from console gaming. But when you’re on PC and you have the ability to deal with the frames. Like you get the frames for PC but you also get the aim assist for controller…”

Ninja was at a loss for words at the possibilities for having the best of both worlds, instead saying: “ Like, look at Ayden. Ayden is literally just left triggering and getting 40 damage [per] AK shot. And he also builds like a legend.”

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With prize pools for the Fortnite World Cup getting bigger and bigger, it will be interesting to see how Epic Games goes about ways to level the playing field that some players think can be a bit skewed.