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Ninja Goes on Incredible 6 Kill Spree in Under 1 Minute

Published: 8/Jul/2018 17:50 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 17:20

by Vincent Genova


The most popular streamer in the world showed off his skills in an unbelievable rampage clip that featured a variety of kills.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has amassed close to 200,000 subs on Twitch in large part to due his skills in Fortnite.

Unlike most spree clips where a player has a nice run with a sniper or a shotgun, Ninja used multiple weapons and tactics on rampage.

The first kill starts off with a launch pad jump and a SMG spray to weaken someone, before getting someone else (accidentally?) with a sniper rifle.

Ninja then moves on to his next target with a clean Drum Gun kill and finishes the original damaged player with a shotgun.


The rest of the clip features a few more insane launch pad jumps and snipes, with a build battle to top it off.

Ninja uses the Drum Gun to soften targets and break walls throughout the clip, which is unsurprising considering his professed love of the weapon.

To see the full 6 kill spree, check out the clip below.