Ninja explains why he won’t join Fortnite pros on controller

Unsplash: Chris Liverani/Mixer: Ninja

Mixer giant Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has responded to news that a number of Fortnite PC professionals’ have switched over to controller, and explained why he won’t be following suit. 

The PC vs Console debate is showing no signs of slowing down, with more and more prominent gamers weighing in. Former Overwatch pro Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel said esports that allow cross-platform play can be “anti competitive.” 

Similarly, Fortnite World Cup Champion Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giesdorf has recently expressed his shock at how strong he found controller aim assist. Now, Ninja has weighed in with his thoughts on the situation, particularly in relation to Epic Games’ battle royale. 

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Instagram: 72hrs/Epic Games72hrs and Bugha are two PC players who have flirted with controllers.

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Going against the grain, Ninja has explained that he won’t be making the switch, despite his roots being in competitive Halo, a game that he exclusively played on Xbox. 

“’When are you turning into a controller scrimmer?’” read Ninja, before responding: “Never. I can’t hold them anymore. I grip the controller way too tight.” 

He then comments that he watched Myth try out a controller, in which the TSM streamer said aim assist was “so crazy” and that it’s “way easier” to aim with thumbs, as opposed to a mouse and keyboard. 

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“It might get to the point where they [Epic Games] are gonna have to nerf controller on PC,” said Blevins. “If everyone’s switching over to controller, that’s a huge sign that controller is a little broken. I reckon there might be a nerf coming, probably in the next month or two.” 

Ninja does not necessarily think that console players are at an advantage, but playing with a controller via a PC could be too strong. 

He explains that the improved frame rate on PC means controllers play more smoothly, and it’s here where the benefit of aim assist is too strong. 

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“If you are playing on the Xbox or Playstation you are literally capped at 60 frames [per second],” Ninja finished. “It is going to be incredibly difficult. Controller is absolutely horrible to play on Xbox or Playstation, compared to PC… it’s night and day difference.” 

Ninja’s opinion is a fairly common one, with many mouse and keyboard players lobbying for controller aim assist to be reduced.

Whether Epic bow to these demands remains to be seen, but we will keep you updated as the story progresses.