NICKMERCS’ Prediction About Meteors Becomes Scarily Accurate During a Fortnite Match – “Am I Crazy?”

The popular video game Fortnite: Battle Royale is currently in a period of great anticipation and hype.

With the new Season 4 due to go live on May 1st, the game’s vast-player base waits breathlessly to see what developer Epic Games has in store.

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It is widely believed that the current Season 3 will end with a meteor striking the map at some location. This speculation that has been fueled by cryptic controller vibrations, suggestive artwork, a large comet in the sky, emergency alert sounds, and more.

There has even been a meteor shower in-game over the last few days, with small meteors periodically falling from the sky and physically smashing into the ground.

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Popular Twitch personality Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff, who is the biggest streamer of Fortnite on console, had a theory as to exactly when and where these projectiles strike in-game.

“Hey you know what I’m starting to think? I think these comets all land by people. Like, it means there’s a person around. What’s up, am I crazy?”

He explained this theory while he was playing a match on the popular BR game live on his stream, and surely enough, just as he finished his sentence, a meteor flew down and struck directly where he was standing.

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Nick’s incredulous reaction was priceless; even he could not believe for a moment that his prediction had come true so accurately and instantaneously.

“Go ahead. Go ahead. Tell me I’m fucking crazy. I’ll wait.”

Since he appears to be so accurate in his Fortnite theories and predictions, maybe he also knows the exact location where the large meteor is supposedly set to strike come the end of Season 3.

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You can watch highlights like these and more on NICKMERCS’ Twitch channel, where he can also be found streaming Fortnite every day.