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NICKMERCS explains why new Fortnite pros are “completely spoiled”

Published: 10/Mar/2020 3:29

by Brad Norton


Experienced Fortnite streamer and FaZe Clan member, Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has called out the new wave of Fortnite pros and criticized them for being “spoiled” by massive prize pools.

Having been an active online competitor and prominent Fortnite streamer since the battle royale rose to fame, NICKMERCS could be considered somewhat of a veteran in the scene.

While many up and coming players in the Fortnite community have been able to make a name for themselves from a young age, the 29-year-old streamer argues that most are “completely spoiled” by some of esports’ biggest prize pools.

Epic Games
Have competitive Fortnite players been spoiled by Epic Games?

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Outlining how he believes Epic Games has all but “spoiled” the competitive Fortnite scene with lofty prize pools right from the jump, NICKMERCS emphasized that modern-day professionals don’t understand just how good they have it.


“It’s not their fault, you can’t get super angry because they don’t know better,” he expressed throughout a recent Twitch stream. “They don’t know about playing for breadcrumbs. They have no idea. None of them ever did it.”

As a former Gears of War and Halo competitor, having raised trophies at events from as early as 2009, the now-transitioned streamer argues that current pro players never had to play for “anything but billions of dollars.” 

“You can’t blame them too hard, that’s all they know, that’s all they’re used to. They’re f***ing spoiled. They’re completely spoiled.”


Nickmercs on the Fortnite pro community from FortniteCompetitive

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The most iconic Fortnite competition to date, 2019’s World Cup Finals, featured 100 players from around the world as they battled for their share of over $15 million. 

The kitty made it the single most lucrative esports competition outside of Valve’s Dota 2. The bar was certainly set high with Epic’s first-year event.

The average age of competitors featured in the 2019 World Cup Solo tournament stands at 16. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that the large majority of professional players finding success in Fortnite, are new competitors without prior experience in any other scenes similar to NICKMERCS.

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As a result, the streamer outlined that “for the rest of time, any younger, newer game community…they’re always going to be full of complaining little bi***es.”


Bugha lifting Fortnite World Cup trophy
Epic Games
Fortnite World Cup Solo winner Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf made a total of $3 million for his first place finish.

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While the young Fortnite player-base may not have competed in the earlier days of the esports industry, perhaps NICKMERCS veteran speech could help inspire a few to be grateful for the prize pools they’re able to vie for in 2020.

Announced on March 9, duos will be the focus of Fortnite’s next competitive push, as the Fortnite Champion Series looks to make its return in the near future.