Nadeshot’s Not Feeling Very Confident Ahead of the Friday Fortnite Tournament Following Embarrassing 1 v 1

Most Fortnite players will tell you that confidence is key when heading into battle, and when you’re not feeling your shot, disastrous things can happen.

Former professional Call of Duty player and 100 Thieves owner, Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, won’t be backing himself going into KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite tournament after an awkward moment on stream.

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Practicing ahead of the $20k tournament on July 6, Nadeshot got into a 1 v 1 with an opponent inside one of the houses near Salty Springs.

Before the fight had even started, Nadeshot had explained to his teammate Parallax that his shot felt off, and he went on to prove it.

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Missing with the shotgun at close quarters, his opponent started to take advantage and began to try and hit him with the pickaxe.

Embarrassment began to set in for Nade who looked physically shocked that he’d been unable to down the gunless target in front of him.

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Thankfully it all ended well for Nade, who responded with his own pickaxe to end the fight, before trying to explain what happened to Parallax.

“You don’t understand what just happened. I think I might need to sign off for the night after that. I truly have never experienced what just unfolded.”

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Nadeshot will be teaming up with Parallax on Friday, July 6 for KEEMSTAR’s $20k Fortnite tournament, with the duo going up against FaZe Rain and Blaze in the first round. View full details by clicking here.

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Regardless of how well it goes on Friday, the pair will be teaming up again for NerdOut’s Anything Goes $20k tournament on Saturday.