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Muselk’s Attempt to Save Trapped Fortnite Player is One of the Greatest Stories Ever Told

Published: 20/Jul/2018 18:44 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:07

by Vincent Genova


Fortnite streamer Elliot ‘Muselk’ Watkins spotted a player outside the limits of the map during a match and attempted to rescue them; what followed was a series of events showing off the best Fortnite has to offer.

The clip starts with Muselk fighting someone near the edge of the map, unaware of what they were doing there.


He wins the battle, but notices the player’s ATK dangling close to a cliff leading out of bounds. While inspecting the situation, Muselk sees the reason for the kart and player he fought being so close to the edge.

There is another player that fell off of the ledge, but survived. Muselk spots an opportunity to be a good Samaritan and tries to help the fallen player.


The rescue mission went terribly, with Muselk accidentally killing the player he tried to save by running him over with the ATK after falling down uncontrollably.

The hilarious slapstick moment after all that work was worth a clip on its own, however, the player’s death may not have been an accident.

Chappadoodle, the trapped player who was run over, told his side of the story on reddit – leading to a legendary tale of sacrifice in Fortnite


When he saw the ATK plummeting towards him, Chappadoodle knew the kart was going to roll right into the ocean, killing Muselk during the daring rescue attempt.

Chappadoodle actually jumped in front of the ATK to stop it from rolling and was sent into the ocean himself, saving Muselks life.

Muselk started off trying to save Chappadoodle, but instead it was Chappadoodle who saved Muselk in the end. Take whatever moral lesson you’d like out of this one.


Mongraal kicked from FNCS match after bizarre Fortnite vault bug

Published: 18/Oct/2020 17:57

by Daniel Cleary


FaZe Fortnite pro Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson was left stunned after he was removed from an FNCS Week 2 session for an unusual bug with the Stark Industries vault.

With the FNCS starting to ramp up again for the Season 4 finals, many of the top players will be looking to battle it out and qualify for the Fortnite playoffs on October 29.


FaZe Clan star Mongraal is regularly seen near the top in the FNCS’ European events, but while competing in the second week of the Season 4 tournament, the Fornite pro was surprisingly removed from one of the games.

vault in fortnite
Epic Games
Mongraal discovered a bug with the Stark Industries vault while competing in the FNCS.

After dropping into the first match of the FNCS Week 2 Trios session, Mongraal, along with teammates Mitr0 and Tayson, landed at the Stark Industries POI to kick off the game.


The new Marvel point-of-interest, which was added in Season 4, features one of the few vaults on the map and can be a great place to pick up some early loot, if it is not contested by another team.

However, after killing the Iron Man boss and grabbing the keycard, Mongraal was surprisingly kicked from the game when trying to open up the vault door.


“I just got kicked, no!” he reacted, realizing that his chances of picking up points in the tournament, and earning a good placing, had become even more difficult.

While the Fortnite error code did not give an exact reason why he was removed from the match, he claimed that it was likely due to him meleeing the Vault, “It’s because I was spamming the door.”

As players have come up with some unusual ways to glitch in and out of the vault without keycards, it is possible that Epic Games could have set up countermeasures to prevent players from cheating in competitive playlists, like the FNCS sessions, and it may have been triggered by him rushing to get in the door.


Despite being kicked from the first game, Mongraal was not banned from the FNCS event and was able to rejoin his teammates in the second match to continue their tournament run.