The Legend of Zelda comes to Fortnite in epic Creative mode crossover

Brent Koepp
Epic Games / Nintendo

Since releasing in December, Fortnite’s Creative Mode has unleashed the community’s creative spirit, and now one dedicated YouTuber has recreated the overworld in the original The Legend of Zelda.

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Creative Mode was first brought to the popular Battle Royale in December 2018, and has since spawned an untold amount of unique creations from players. 

A YouTuber user by the name of ‘Mustard Plays’ posted a trailer for his Zelda creation on August 16 to his channel. The trailer details his re-creation of the Nintendo classic in the Fortnite mode, making for an epic crossover. 

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Zelda in Fortnite

The trailer opens with the triforce and fades to the controversial Infinity Sword, which is creatively being used to represent Master Sword. As the familiar Zelda song swells, the camera pans to a top down view of the overworld.

Beautifully re-created, we get a panning view of the world’s layout, which closely mirrors the original Nintendo title. There is then a glimpse at the dungeons, and the puzzles players will have to complete to advance.

YouTube: Mustard Plays
The beautiful recreation of the Legend of Zelda overworld in Fortnite’s Creation Mode.
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The trailer isn’t the only thing in the video – it also contains a walkthrough by Mustard Plays himself.  “This is a full re-creation of the overworld of the original Legend of Zelda. It has 9 dungeons. 8 on the overworld and one for the final boss,” the creator said.  

Impressively, he also revealed that he only used a few assets to create the whole map. At one point in the video, he shows us the bottom of the map, revealing the insane depth of the dungeons that have different levels.

It even has an homage to the original’s secret rupees, which let you enter hidden rooms. “If you find all 30 coins, you get to go to a secret room,” he revealed.

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This isn’t the first time someone has recreated a Nintendo title in Fortnite’s creative mode. On June 30, another creative fan named ‘FiveWalnut8586‘ posted his Pokemon creation to Reddit.

Just as stunning, the player recreated the early parts of Pokemon Red, which even included an accurately sized Onyx, and took players all the way up to Mt. Moon. 

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Talented gamers never cease to amaze their communities with the things they can make, as more games like Fortnite give them the tools to create anything they want.