Jetpacks Reportedly Set to Finally be Introduced in Fortnite: Battle Royale

The formerly-scrapped ‘Jetpacks’ that were once set to be added to Fortnite: Battle Royale will reportedly be introduced by Epic Games in the future.

After first being teased in February during Season 3, the Fortnite ‘Jetpack’ was eventually scrapped by Epic Games just a few days later due to a ‘design flaw’ that the developer needed to address.

However, some community members thought that the decision was due to turbulent community feedback following the announcement, with fans on both sides of the possibility.

With the introduction of Season 4, some believe that the newly-added ‘Hop Rocks’ were just Jetpacks ‘in disguise’ with the same mechanics, although, the speculation was never confirmed.

Now that Season 4 is in full-swing, a known dataminer by the name of FNBRLeaks revealed that Jetpacks will potentially be coming to Fortnite in Week 5 in a mode called “Close Encounters.”

Although the in-game files state that Jetpacks will be coming, it still remains unconfirmed by Fortnite and Epic Games at the time of writing.

We will continue to provide updates at more information is made available.

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