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Insane Fortnite trickshot has this streamer doing literal backflips

Published: 23/Jan/2020 23:20

by Brad Norton


Blending real-world style with extraordinary in-game accuracy, this Twitch streamer took Fortnite trickshotting and added even more difficulty to the mix in order to pull off one of the most insane shots in all of Chapter 2.

When you’re truly feeling on another level and tired of hitting ordinary shots with ease, trick-shotting is a way to style on the competition and assert your dominance. From the early days of the Call of Duty scene to Fortnite in 2020, stylish sniping is just as impressive as ever. 

Ramping things up a notch however and incorporating some real-world style into a recent highlight, Twitch streamer ‘Jkeo15’ stepped away from his keyboard before hitting an absurd sky-high shot in-game. 


Fortnite sniper patiently waiting indoors.
Epic Games
Trickshot are nothing new to the world of Fortnite, but this sniper took things to a whole different level.

Partway through a January 22 match, the Fortnite streamer got his teammates to maneuver a motorboat through Steamy Stacks. The goal was to fly the vehicle through the skies and land a ridiculous sniper shot while rotating uncontrollably.

Adding even more spice to the challenge though, he quickly stepped away from his setup as soon as the boat was off the ground. 

Moving towards a green screen that he had set up ahead of time, he pulled off some aerial stunts of his own, backflipping in the real-world just moments after his character did so in-game.

I hit a flying boat triple backflip trickshot (bonus hitmarker included) from FortNiteBR

Regaining control of his crosshair once he sat down again, the motorboat had already completed a full rotation as the streamer was lining up his shot.


Aiming at an enemy close to a Reboot Van, he quickly aimed down below and pulled off the perfect 100 damage snipe to knock them down. “Yes. Let’s go!” he yelled as the squad celebrated the ridiculous trickshot. 

Funnily enough, the streamer actually managed to pull off the extraordinary backflipping shot a second time. While the flips were perfect both in-game and in the real world, and the shot was even more impressive than the first, he was only able to connect with a non-lethal hit-marker the second time around. 

Fortnite motorboat speeds through water
Epic Games
What vehicles will be used to attempt the next crazy trickshot?

Not the only remarkable trickshot to come from the world of Fortnite of late, players have been one-upping each other with absurd highlights.


One particularly daring member of the community recently used a Mythic Goldfish to absolutely embarrass their opponent.