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How to play Fornite Fishing Frenzy competition: prizes, dates, rules

Published: 21/Nov/2019 20:15

by Albert Petrosyan


Epic Games are hosting a new fishing competition in Fortnite Battle Royale called Fortnite Fishing Frenzy, giving players a chance to earn several in-game prizes.

Fishing is a new mechanic introduced in Fortnite at the start of Chapter 2, and it allows players to cast the new Fishing Rod item into the map’s various ponds, rivers, and lakes to haul in loot, such as different kinds of fish that provide boosts to health and shield.

Now, Epic are taking that to a whole new level with the Fortnite Fishing Frenzy, a contest that will require players to try to catch as many fish as they can for prizes.


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The competition will be held starting at 5 AM PT / 8 AM ET / 1 PM GMT on Friday November 22 until 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET / 1 AM GMT (next day) on Sunday, November 24.

The full details about this event can be found below, including the different categories, how to play, prizes, and more.

Epic GamesThe Fortnite Fishing Frenzy is being held to promote the new Triggerfish Outfit Skin, which will be released in the Item Shop on November 22.

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How does Fortnite Fishing Frenzy work?

The competition will not be limited to its own game mode or playlist but will rather commence in the core Solos, Duos, and Squads modes, so players will be able to compete while playing the game normally.

There are six different categories that players will be able to participate:


  • Top Angler – Catch the most fish in a single match during the competition
  • Small Fry Champion – Catch the most Small Fry during the competition.
  • Flopper Champion – Catch the most Floppers during the competition.
  • Slurpfish Champion – Catch the most Slurpfish during the competition.
  • Mythic Goldfish – Catch the Mythic Goldfish
  • Get Hooked on Fishing – Use a Fishing Rod during the contest times

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There will be only one winner per region (NA East and West will count as one) for each of the categories excepfor the ‘Get Hooked on Fishing,’ which everyone will be able to claim as long as they use a Fishing Rod while the Frenzy is active.

Keep in mind that only fish caught with the Fishing Rod will count, so do not use the Harpoon Gun for the purposes of this contest.

Epic GamesOnly the fish caught with a Fishing Rod will count towards the Fortnite Fishing Frenzy, so do not use a Harpoon Gun.

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What prizes will be awarded during Fortnite Fishing Frenzy?

There will be prizes awarded to the winners of each category. The winners of the first four contests will receive their very own real-life engraved Llama Trophy.


The winner of the Mythic Goldfish challenge, as in the first person from each region who catches the rare fish, will receive a free Bottom Dweller Pickaxe in-game.

As for ‘Getting Hooked on Fishing,’ anyone who participates in this competition will get the Play to Win spray.

Epic GamesCertain category winners will receive their real-life engraved Llama Trophies.

For more information about the Fortnite Fishing Frenzy, you can check out Epic’s full blog post HERE.