How to Get to the Spawn Island in Fortnite by Using a Shopping Cart

Albert Petrosyan

Most in the Fortnite community would agree that new interactive Shopping Carts have been a successful addition to the popular Battle Royale title.

Not only do many find the new vehicles fun to use, they can also prove very useful when trying to quickly escape the Storm or get out of tight situations.

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However, there appears to be a new glitch involving the Shopping Carts that is allowing players to access the Spawn Island, the pregame area where players wait for the Battle Bus to take them into the game.

Previously, the island was inaccessible once the match started, and anyone trying to build or glide to it would come up against an invisible wall surround the island that would not allow them to progress.

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A video posted by YouTuber ‘OrangeGuy’ shows the method of how to access the island, and it appears to require more than one person, a Shopping Cart, a very large amount of materials, and some luck.

Here are the steps, according to the video, of how to use the new Shopping Cart glitch to access the Spawn Island.

  1. To start this glitch off, go as close as you can to the Spawn island and make the same structure as we did.
    1. The structure is a long bridge built from the Main Ssland to the Spawn Island.
    2. At the end of the bridge, there is a long, downward angled ramp with a sharp upward incline at its end.
  2. Once you’ve done that, simply push yourself off with that cart and pray that you make it! 😀
  3. Now just try to aim yourself towards the island, and if you are luck you will make it!! 😀

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Obviously this endeavor is essentially a one way trip, since the Storm will surely eliminate anyone who goes that deep into it with now fast way back.

However, the end result is quite remarkable and unique as not many people can say they’ve made it to Spawn Island once the match has already started.