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How to ‘fish’ for weapons and items on land in Fortnite

Published: 1/Nov/2019 2:59 Updated: 1/Nov/2019 3:11

by Brad Norton


Previously only utilized when scrounging for loot in the ocean, the fishing rod in Fortnite now has more utility than ever before.

Fortnite Chapter 2 introduced a wide array of new content and fresh changes to the world of the Epic Games Battle Royale title.

Among the new additions was the Fishing Rod, which allowed players to cast out a line and find loot in the sea. Now, however, the unique item serves a greater purpose.

In an October 31 post, Reddit user ‘Snekiecr8’ demonstrated how the fishing rod can now be used to ‘fish’ for weapons and items on land.

Previously only able to catch fish, ammo, weapons, and items from bodies of water, the item with unlimited use can now hook any loot in the world, regardless of whether it appears on land or sea.

Epic Games - FortniteFishing rods can often be found in barrels close to water.

The clip highlighted the newly adjusted item in action, yoinking a health kit and multiple weapons in quick succession.

Bringing the loot directly to their feet, the player is easily able to grab everything and carry on with business as usual. It’s a quick and effective method of drawing in loot from afar, and possibly poaching something from a downed enemy or two from across the map.

This might seem like a minor tweak at first but the functionality of the fishing rod could actually lead to some incredible plays down the line.

For example, with rare loot left on the ground as bait, one player can simply fish the powerful gear away from the enemy while a teammate shoots them down for a surprising and hilarious elimination.

You can now “Fish” weapons and items dropped on the ground! from r/FortNiteBR

Recently a brand new Harpoon Gun was leaked that could be added in a nearby update. This upcoming weapon is capable of pulling enemies closer towards you, a similar function to how the fishing rod now pulls loot in close proximity.

Regardless of whether these two items lead to some hilarious highlights in the future, or if they both fall flat in the world of Fortnite, the fresh gameplay changes are definitely welcome.


Fortnite glitch lets you ‘drive’ the Battle Bus ahead of Galactus event

Published: 29/Nov/2020 12:44

by Daniel Cleary


A new glitch with the Fortnite Battle Bus has been found, letting you ‘drive’ the vehicle towards Galactus ahead of Season 4’s in-game Nexus War event.

The hype for Fortnite’s Season 4 live-action event is now starting to build, after Galactus has reappeared outside of the battle royale island ahead of the final showdown on November 30.

Nexus War will likely feature all of the superhero characters such as Wolverine, Thor, and others that have recently been added to Fortnite, as they face off against the Marvel supervillain.

Galactus in Fortnite
Epic Games
Galactus can be seen in the water outside of the Fortnite island.

It was previously hinted that, during the upcoming event, Fortnite players will also need to “join the fight” against Galactus by learning how to drive the Battle Bus and a new glitch has been found allowing players to do exactly that.

Fortnite YouTuber Glitch King has revealed a clever trick that players can do to stay in the Battle Bus after the start of a game and ‘drive’ right up to where Galactus currently rests.

The content creator explained that after entering any limited-time mode where the Battle Bus paths towards the Marvel character, you need to briefly disconnect your internet connection just before the Bus kicks you out at the end.

The Fortnite vehicle will continue to move towards Galactus with your character still inside, giving you an up-close look at the Devourer of Worlds.

While it is likely that players will have much more control of the Battle Bus when it does become a feature in the event, it can give players an early feel for what the Nexus War might look like.

As of now, it remains unclear what exactly will happen during the Nexus War event but there have been a few Fortnite leaks hinting at yet another Black Hole ending to the in-game event.

Fortnite fans won’t have to wait too much longer to find out for sure, however, with only a short while remaining until Season 4 comes to a close and the Nexus War event finally takes place.