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How to find Deadpool’s toilet plunger & destroy toilets: Fortnite Week 3

Published: 5/Mar/2020 17:58 Updated: 5/Mar/2020 17:59

by Calum Patterson


The week 3 Deadpool challenges are live, this time requiring some dirty work to be done in the pursuit of the elusive skin, as you’ll need find plungers and destroy toilets.

The Deadpool skin is the latest Fortnite crossover with Marvel, and will reward players who complete a set of challenges each week, for an undetermined number of weeks.

So far, there’s been two sets to complete, requiring you to not thank the bus driver, find his milk carton and find his three Chimichangas.

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The challenges for week three are not very glamourous, but are just as simple to complete. There is only one item to find this time, but you’ll also need to go on a bit of a toilet hunt.


Deadpool Week 3 challenges

  • Find Deadpool’s toilet plunger (1)
  • Destroy toilets (3)

Where to find Deadpool’s toilet plunger

As you might expect, the plunger is located in the bathroom area where you will also find the computer with the challenges, and where the milk carton was located last week.

Epic Games (Screenshot via Dobil)
The plunger can be found in the toilet, unsurprisingly.

Where to destroy toilets

You will need to destroy a total of three toilets as well, but not just any toilets. For the challenge, it is believed that you can target either the portable toilets or the permanent ones in buildings and houses.

However, the portable toilets are an easier target, as they are stacked in large bundles in various spots.

Epic Games
Portable toilets like these can be found in various spots on the map.

We’ve put together a map of the locations where you can find these, but you’ll need to destroy ones in different locations to complete the challenge. You can only destroy one portable toilet per location.


All known locations for the destroyable toilets on the map.

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Although you’ll still have to wait for the skin itself, completing this week’s challenges will finally give you a reward for your efforts.

You’ll receive the Wade grenade spray, which admittedly isn’t anywhere near as cool as the skin itself, but at least it’s something.

If you need to complete the challenges from previous weeks too, check out our full Deadpool skin challenge guide.