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How to complete Fortnite Week 7 Trick Shot challenges

Published: 21/Nov/2019 10:08

by David Purcell


Epic Games have activated a brand new set of weekly challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale, with the Trick Shot set being added to the game for players to grind through. 

The game’s developers have mixed up the way challenges work a few times in recent seasons, with secret battle stars and banners having been replaced by hidden letter locations in Fortnite Chapter 2.

In Week 7, there is also one more hidden letter – a second T to be exact – which can be found by looking for clues in the new loading screen, unlocked by completing all of these new tasks.

So, let’s take a look at how you can complete them.


Epic GamesVisiting named locations is one part of Fortnite’s Trick Shot challenges.
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There are a number of different things that you’re going to have to do to check off all of the Trick Shot challenges and shockingly enough, hitting trick shots with a sniper hasn’t made the list.

Instead, players are tasked with eating Foraged Apples from a specific location, dealing damage with shotguns, dancing at certain spots on the island and more. The full list of Trick Shot challenges can be found below.

Fortnite Trick Shot challenge list

  • Eliminations while at 50 Health or less (x2)
  • Consume Foraged Apples at The Orchard (x3)
  • Eliminations at Weeping Woods or a Landmark (x3)
  • Dance at the Pipeman, the Hayman, and the Timber Tent
  • Gain Health with a Small Fry, a Flopper and a Slurp Fish
  • Eliminations with Pistols (x3)
  • Visit Named Locations in a single match (x3)
  • Damage with Shotguns (x500)
  • Save yourself from fall damage by landing in a hideout
  • Heal yourself within 10 seconds after taking damage from an opponent
  • Search the hidden “T” in the Trick Shot Loading Screen.

Epic Games

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With Epic Games confirming that Chapter 2, Season 1 has been extended until sometime in February, making it one of the biggest seasons in the game’s history, it begs the question as to whether or not more hidden letter challenges will be announced once every letter in the word ‘Fortnite’ have been found.


What we do know, though, is that players can expect to see some holiday-themed challenges announced in a few week’s time, with the developer looking to go one better than last year’s 14 Days of Fortnite event.

The Trick Shot challenges are now live in-game, so act fast and get them all done before they disappear on November 28.