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How to Avoid Getting Pinched in Fortnite

Published: 1/Sep/2018 15:16

by Vincent Genova


MonsterDface shows you how to position like a pro to avoid fights where you are at a disadvantage.

With Fortnite’s high player count and gradually decreasing map size, avoiding a pinch is crucial to racking up eliminations.

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The video shows a battle that MonsterDface was involved in that featured multiple players.

Without the proper movement and building to avoid a pinch, he could have been cleaned up by a late arriving enemy.

By playing safe and building up, MonsterDface was able to get multiple eliminations instead of his early kill being traded with a pinch.

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Avoiding an unnecessarily aggressive play was the key.

What I’m going to do differently [when spotting a single player], as opposed to many other players, I’m going to back up and build a 1×1 and elevate myself straight into the air.

Although MonsterDface was not positive there were other enemies closing in, the possibility existed. He moved back up to his high-ground build after securing the first elimination.

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The reason I move up to better positioning here is I want to make sure that coast is clear. After you have been in a battle… you know there are going to be other players nearby.

By building high and cautiously staying there, even if you do not see other enemies immediately, you can avoid getting pinched and eliminated in Fortnite.