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Fortnite’s v7.30 update release date and time announced – what to expect

Published: 28/Jan/2019 21:46 Updated: 29/Jan/2019 8:17

by Albert Petrosyan



Check out our v7.30 patch notes article for everything you need to know about the January 29 update, including the Chiller Grenade and more.

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Epic Games have announced the release date and time for the v7.30 update in Fortnite Battle Royale, as well as provided a sneak peak of what it’ll contain. 

The v7.30 update will go live on January 28 at 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 AM GMT and there will be downtime, which means that matchmaking will be disabled 20-25 minutes prior. 


The update will mark the end of the Ice Storm event that has been going on in Fortnite for the past few weeks, which means that players have until the downtime to wrap up any unfinished challenges. 

“Last call! There are only a few hours left to finish your Ice Storm Challenges before the v7.30 update arrives,” the official announcement read. “Battle the Ice Legion until the downtime begins tomorrow!”


As per usual, players will have to wait until the downtime to know the full contents of this update since the patch notes don’t go live until then. 


However, Epic Games have teased at some of what the update will contain, including the brand new Chiller Grenade that has appeared in the pre-game announcement screen. 

There is very little information about this new item other than its-game description, which reads “Give your enemies cold feet with this winter blast.”


Also expected to come via this update is the re-implementation of the popular new editing feature that was first added in the v7.20 patch but disabled shortly thereafter.

This feature adjusted editing to allow the initial edit of builds to register immediately, regardless of the player’s respective internet connection or server ping. 

The result of this change allowed for the instant initiation of edits and a massive reduction in “ghost shots,” making the overall experience of editing a lot smoother and faster. 

The v7.30 update will also bring major changes to the Streamer Mode in Fortnite with the intention of making it a lot harder for stream snipers to do their thing. 

These changes include the addition of two new options to Streamer Mode, called ‘Anonymous’ and ‘Hide Other Players’ Names,’ which could really help out the likes of Ninja, Tfue, and other big-name streamers who are constantly getting stream sniped. 


There will also likely be further map changes made once the v7.30 update goes live as the end of the Ice Storm event could see the snow that is currently covering the map to melt away, except for the snow biome on the southwest corner. 

The ice in Polar Peak could also melt further to finally reveal the identity and purpose of the mysterious prisoner hiding underneath the massive castle. 


Players can also expect new cosmetic items to be added to game files and saved for future release, all of which will likely be discovered and leaked by data miners shortly after the update goes live.

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