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Fortnite’s Infinity Blade should return – On one condition

Published: 13/Jan/2019 12:54 Updated: 13/Jan/2019 16:52

by David Purcell


The overpowered Infinity Blade was removed from Fortnite because of its devastating effects, but bringing it back inside a limited time mode could be its pathway back into battle royale in the future. 

The sword was introduced with the v7.01 patch at the beginning of Season,  but lasted just eight days before it became so irritating for both casual and competitive gamers that Epic Games decided to vault the weapon on December 14 of last year. 


Now, though, one Fortnite fan has proposed an idea that could allow the Infinity Blade to make a much more balanced appearance in the battle royale game – by making it available to everybody in a LTM. 


The Infinity Blade would destroy structures with one hit and proved too powerful for Epic to keep in Fortnite.

This idea would trap the overpowered blade in one specific game mode, much like the Battle Royale Infinity Gauntlet LTM, which allowed one player per session to pick up a mythic item and transform into Thanos, a fictional supervillain from Marvel Comics.

However, this concept would have a slight twist. TheMewZe posted their newest ClosER Encounters LTM concept to the FortniteBR subreddit and revealed that they would like to see not just one, but potentially up to one hundred of them in one game!


“Everyone spawns with the Infinity Blade! It will be fair because will be on a perfectly equal playing field, with an awesome item” the Reddit user posted, laying out the rules of the proposed mode. 

Due to the huge support of my last idea for an LTM, I thought I would try ‘ClosER Encounters!’ (featuring The Infinity Blade) from r/FortNiteBR


They also stated that it would be a good idea – if the concept was ever added to the game – to have the speed and damage of the storm doubled as players can move around quicker while wielding the sword. 

It proved to be very polarizing when it was first added to the game, as it would give whoever held it 200 health and shield automatically, with that replenishing every time they eliminated another playing. This led to many professional gamers and streamers calling for the Infinity Blade to be removed even after nerfs were applied. 


But, could this LTM concept be a way that it returns in the future?