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Fortnite: Use a Volcano Vent, a Zipline and a Vehicle in the same match challenge guide – Week 5

Published: 28/Mar/2019 12:45 Updated: 28/Mar/2019 15:43

by Marcus Banks


Players looking to complete the Week 5 challenges of Fortnite Season 8 will have to use various mobility items on the map – here’s how to complete this somewhat confusing task.

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The fifth batch of weekly challenges, released on March 28, require players to use different forms of travel in the same match in order to gain their battle stars.

Players will need to use the volcano vents that were added in the Season 8 release as well as a zip line and one of the many vehicles that can be found scattered around the map.

EPIC GAMESAfter completing all of the week five challenges, players will be able to find a hidden battle star
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Use a volcano vent

The recently added volcano vents propel players into the air before allowing them to glide to a new location similar to a rift or launchpad.


Therefore, it makes sense to hit a vent first before travelling to complete the rest of the challenge. Vents are extremely common in the north side of the map near Sunny Steps so that’s where you’ll want to head before moving your character over the tunnel of air.

EPIC GAMESVolcano vents are more common in the north side of the map near Sunny Steps and Lazy Lagoon.
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Use a Zipline

After hitting the volcano vent, travel towards the east side of the map towards Lonely Lodge where you will find a host of ziplines in the jungle.

Simply walk up to zipline and hold the interact key to jump on and travel to the other side. The best strategy would be to use a zip line that ends at an expedition outpost where you will be able to finish the challenge.


EPIC GAMESPlayers no longer take fall damage when leaving a zip line so don’t be afraid to jump if necessary.
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Use a vehicle

There are plenty of vehicles scattered around the map but the newest addition, The Baller, will give you the best chance of completing the challenge using our strategy.

EPIC GAMESThe Baller is commonly found on charging points at the expedition outposts on the map
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After ziplining up to an expedition outpost, the balls regularly spawn on the charging points outside the main building. Simply hop in and you will receive your battle stars. Afterwards, you can start checking off the remainder of your Week 5, Season 8 challenges.

Step-by-step guide to complete the ‘use volcano vent, zip line and vehicle in one game’ challenge

  1. Jump out the battlebus near the peak of the volcano and locate a vent
  2. Use the vent to propel yourself in the air towards a zip line
  3. Hop onto the zip line heading towards the expedition outpost situated on the hill above Lonely Lodge
  4. Use the Baller vehicle that spawns on the charging point outside the red metal building
  5. Ensure all steps are completed in one single match to complete the challenge