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New Fortnite Spotlight series will take user-run events to a whole new level

Published: 23/Aug/2019 21:35 Updated: 23/Aug/2019 21:46

by Eli Becht


Epic Games announced the Fortnite Spotlight series that will showcase user-run events in the community and things are getting started in the Oceania region before moving elsewhere.

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Season 10 so far has been largely controversial thanks to the BRUTE mechs but things might be looking up based on what Epic Games have announced so far.

The mechs have received their first major nerf, Save the World cosmetics are coming to Battle Royale, and now we have the Spotlight event. 

Epic GamesMechs have been nerfed.
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This new event will showcase creators in the community who host events and things are getting started with players in the Oceania region in an event put on by Click.


It’s called the Showdownunder, exclusive to players in the region, and it’s going on for eight weeks while also featuring a prize pool of $480,000 AUD. Fortnite tournaments have become known for their large prize pools and that hasn’t changed here.

Epic says to keep an eye on their site for where the future events will be, but we’ll likely have to wait for this current one to wrap up for that.

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This program not only highlights these creators, but it will also sponsor them, meaning the entire prize pool for Showdownunder and all the future ones will be sponsored by Epic Games.


There are numerous user-run events for Fortnite and the idea here is to give them a bigger viewer base which is a win for everybody involved. 

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Epic GamesFortnite esports have been very controversial.
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You can read Epic Games’ full blog post on the announcement here, where they also talk about the upcoming TwitchCon tournament, where an audience member will be able to get involved with the action at random.

For all the criticisms Epic takes for their handling of Fortnite as an esport, they keep trying to push the envelope forward, for better or worse.