Fortnite Season 2 new items leaked: Proximity Mine, Disguise Kit, more

David Purcell
Proximity Mine leaked in FortniteEpic Games

Three new items have been leaked and could be coming soon in Fortnite Chapter 2, with one of them already featured in the Season 2 Battle Pass trailer.

As is normally the case, data miners have been hard at work, sieving through the game’s files following a surprise update from the developers on February 25, which addressed both aim assist and editing issues.

Sometimes nothing can come from these hotfixes from a leaking standpoint, although it appears that a handful of new items have been added to the game for testing. At the time of writing, none of them have appeared in-game, although that doesn’t mean to say we won’t see them soon.

Epic Games
A new disguise method looks to be in the works for Fortnite.

New items coming soon to Fortnite Season 2

Proximity Mine

First off, let’s start with the one that’s already been spotted in the Battle Pass trailer for this season – Proximity Mines.

This item hasn’t been added to the popular battle royale game just yet, but we’ve already seen what’s it is capable of as it was included in the Fortnite Season 2 Battle Pass trailer, as seen below.

(Timestamp in video below at 0:53)

For those who were wondering just when it would be introduced, they might not be waiting much longer. HYPEX has tweeted a picture of the Mine, including its description: “Mine that explodes when an enemy is close.”

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Disguise Kit

The second leaked item is the Disguise Kit.

Those who regularly jump from the Battle Bus will know that there have been a number of new points of interest added since the season begun, with NPC players protecting different areas of the map from intruders. There, a number of lucrative loot chests and vaults can be found, but only accessed by scanning the face of a knocked NPC.

While it’s still unconfirmed, this leaked Disguise Kit – tweeted out by data miner iFireMonkey – may be an easier way of accessing the loot at these destinations. It would be a useful addition, too, as sometimes the NPC guards are pretty tough to take down, like Brutus.

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Security Plans

Finally, the third item – courtesy of Lucas7yoshi – is called Security Plans and from the three, is by far the most difficult to figure out a purpose for.

It has been filed under ammo in the data files, according to the leaker, and is likely to be incorporated into a challenge at some stage.

Once we have more information on these items, we’ll be the first to let you know. However, if we had to hazard a guess, it would be that the Proximity Mine is the furthest down the line in its development – hence being shown in an official trailer. You never know, though, they could all come at once in an upcoming patch.