Fortnite pros claim Epic Games have failed to pay out 2018 tournament winnings

Epic Games

Numerous Fortnite Battle Royale players have come forward claiming they haven’t yet received their prize winnings from Epic Games, going as far back as eight months.

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Fortnite Battle Royale featuring weekly tournaments for fans to earn money from the comfort of their own homes is a rather unique situation that gives many players the opportunity to win thousands of dollars.

However, not everything is smooth sailing according to some of the players. Some rather big names have come forward, such as TSM ZexRow, claiming they haven’t yet received a cheque from Epic Games for their winnings.

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Has Epic paid up?

It’s important to note that not every player is claiming they haven’t received payments, so just because these players say they haven’t been paid, it doesn’t mean it’s happening to everyone.

With that said, it sounds like players haven’t received money dating all the way back to the Secret Skirmish, according to a Twitter thread started by FNATIC MOTOR.

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This information was laid out in a Reddit post by user Returnoftruth, who says he is not a competitive player, but is just reporting on what he saw in various Discord servers.

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He name drops several players who claim to not have been paid yet including Pate1k, Secret Domentos, E11 Bloodx, and TSM Zexrow.

However, the post doesn’t lay out any of the Discord messages the author claims to have seen, leaving us just with the Twitter threads.

Epic GamesAre players not being paid?

Epic’s response

Epic Games employees responded to the thread by asking players to refer to the blog post about competitive payments, and to email them if there are any issues.

What they didn’t do is address the claims directly at this point, so it remains unclear as to what’s going on as we have just the words of the players to go by.

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