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Fortnite Players Manage to Get Inside Mysterious Purple Cube

Published: 27/Aug/2018 10:27

by Calum Patterson


Fortnite players have managed to get inside the huge, mysterious purple cube which appeared seemingly at random on the battle royale map during week 7 of season 5.

The cube was beamed down from the sky in a purple bolt of lightning, but there is little indication as to what it all means, and developer Epic Games is remaining characteristically tight-lipped.

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However, some determined players have worked out a way to get inside the cube – and have a look around, although admittedly there wasn’t much to see.

After players discovered that jumping repeatedly on top of the cube and using your pickaxe would launch you high into the air, it appeared to glitch and drop their character models inside.


We Managed to get inside it (and it was as expected) from r/FortNiteBR

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Judging by the darkness and the fact that the teammate’s body was only half visible, it doesn’t look as though it is intended for players to get inside the cube.

Unfortunately this means there are very few clues still as to the significance of it, but that hasn’t stopped avid Fortnite fans speculating.

The most common idea is that the cube is some form of portal through space and time, linking in with the ‘Worlds Collide’ slogan of season 5 in some way.

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Some players think a mix of time periods in history could be coming, with a makeover to the map expected in season 6.


Possible clues hint towards a Dinosaur or otherwise prehistoric concept, with large Dinosaur models on the map in the new ‘Paradise Palms’ map location.

Season 5 is expected to end in the first week of October, and Epic Games will likely have more clues and in-game events coming to ramp up the anticipation for whatever they have planned.