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Fortnite players discover another way to phase through enemy walls

Published: 4/Feb/2020 9:30

by Matt Porter


Building is an extremely important mechanic in Fortnite, but sneaky players have found another way to turn the tool to their advantage, finding a new way to phase through walls thanks to a glitch in the game.

While eliminating enemies with your weapon is the primary objective in Fortnite, building is equally important, allowing players to protect themselves from bullets raining down on them from opponents, create bases and shelters, or block opponents from charging at you in close quarters situation.

Unfortunately, glitches often mean that these structures don’t keep out players as they were intended to, and Fortnite players have found yet another way to magically walk through walls placed by opponents, giving them the element of surprise as they attempt to secure Victory Royales.


Fortnite player placing walls.
Epic Games
Walls are meant to protect you, but Fortnite players have found a way to glitch through them.

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Uploaded to Reddit on January 3, user Trotz_DespiTe revealed that they had found another way to run through the solid object, using it to take down an enemy who was unsurprisingly stunned to see an enemy saunter through a wall to take him out with an Assault Rifle.

The player found himself in a box fight with an enemy who had the higher ground, and decided to place a metal roof to give himself cover while he planned his next move. They quickly edited it the metal structure above them to allow themselves to walk up the stairs, before destroying the wall of the enemy using their pickaxe, all while crouched under their edited roof.


All of a sudden, the player’s gun is poking through the wall, which is still standing and fires off a couple of shots that wipe out the opponent and send them back to the lobby, leaving Trotz_DespiTe to just casually enter the opponent’s hideout and gather all the loot they need.

New wall phasing exploit. Used in-game. from r/FortniteCompetitive

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This isn’t the first time that players have found ways to glitch themselves through walls, and many will be imploring Epic Games to fix it as soon as possible so they don’t get eliminated by an opponent who can teleport through solid objects.


The developers have yet to officially address the issues, but it’s possible that the 11.50 update for the game which will introduce the new Unreal Engine Chaos physics engine will fix this exploit, although who knows what problems this major change may bring.