Fortnite players claim controller aim assist now works through walls

Daniel Cleary
Epic Games/Unsplash

Controller players on Fortnite believe that aim assist can now be toggled through buildings following the latest Season 2 update.

Aim assist on controllers has always been a hot topic in Fortnite, particularly among the competitive community.

Many of the top streamers and pro players, such as Tfue, have been quite vocal on the feature, with many claiming that it provides too much of an advantage for those used to playing on console.

Epic Games
Fortnite’s Season 2 patch has apparently given an unfair advantage to controller players.

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After the latest Chapter 2, Season 2 patch, popular controller player and streamer ‘ohcrr’ expressed that he even felt as if the aim assist had become too strong.

The Fortnite star claimed that following the latest update, controller players have been able to toggle their aim assist through structures to find out where players are, “this season we get aim assist through player built structures.”

He later called for Epic Games to fix the issue and revealed that he planned on using the feature to his advantage, although he was worried it might look suspicious while competing at a major event.

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The popular streamer later believed that he had made a mistake and claimed that the glitch had been caused because he was in a bush, although it appears to be an issue for Fortnite players regardless.

However, there have been many players who have claimed otherwise, stating that they had also noticed the potential glitch while playing on a controller both with and without a bush

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As many of the top players have continued to voice their frustrations with controller aim assist, it is likely that this glitch will be patched soon, if indeed unintended.

Epic Games have revealed that they are already investigating “reports of aim assist performing inconsistently”, after posting to their community Trello board that they are aware of the issue.