Fortnite finally set to add Middle East server – as well as 14 others

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Fortnite data miner appears to have revealed the next set of locations for the game’s servers and some fans are bound to be ecstatic by the news, with at least one believed to be coming very soon. 

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Despite being perhaps the most popular game in the world, Fortnite still has plenty of issues that fans want to see cleaned up. Be it a rare bug that causes an unusual death or an invisibility error that may influence the closing stages of the game, Epic Games are under constant pressure to make changes.

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Yet, one of the biggest things fans across the world have wanted to see fixed is the servers. Competitive players like Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney have raged about how ping affects the game when they do play, while others – like fans in the Middle East – haven’t had their own server to play on

Epic GamesMore countries will be getting Fortnite Battle Royale servers in the future, a leak says.
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However, after viral campaigns, those Middle Eastern fans and many others around the world might soon be able to celebrate their own low ping and better connections.

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On August 5, Fortnite data miner FNBRInsider revealed a list of 15 new servers that are set to be introduced in the near future. This list included: Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Iowa, Montreal, Moscow, Mumbai, Netherlands, Oregon, Seoul, Singapore, South Carolina, Taiwan, and Zurich.   

Of course, a few stick out as solely countries, but those appear to be instances where the final location has either not yet been chosen, or there is an existing server in the region that needs to be taken into account. 

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FNBRInsider even went as far as revealing the necessary IP number needed to run a ping test for PC players, so that they can find out which server they are nearest to. 

Yet, console players in these nations will have to wait just a little bit longer to see what their best ping location is – as a manual test can’t be run in the same way PC can. 

UPDATE: The dataminer claimed, on August 7, that the Bahrain server is expected to be added in the near future. Their additional comment can be seen below. 

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Epic Games have not yet made an official announcement about these new servers, although that doesn’t mean that their upcoming introductions should be ruled out entirely. 

Until they make that announcement, however, it’s probably worth sticking with your current server – even if it doesn’t give you the most ideal ping rating.

Last updated on August 7, 2019 at 15:00 (EST). 

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