Fortnite: Marshmello’s voice mysteriously heard booming all over the map just a day before his concert event

. 3 years ago

It appears that one last major Easter egg has been dropped in honor of EDM DJ Marshmello’s collaboration with Fortnite Battle Royale.

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With just a day before the popular music artist is set to appear in the actual Fortnite game and host a concert, his voice was heard mysteriously booming from one corner of the map to the other.

“What’s up Fortnite, it’s Marshmello,” the voice was heard saying. “Can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow!”

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There appeared to be no actual source of the voice as it almost seemed as though Marshmello was speaking from heavens for everyone to hear him equally.

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Apparently this was not the first time Marshmello has spoke to the entire map as some were also tweeting about how they heard the same voice very quietly saying “Mic check, one, two” at some point on January 31. 

The popular DJ himself also commented on the clip, which has gone viral on Twitter, offering his own thoughts as to the source of his own mysterious voice. 

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This could very well be the final Marshmello-themed Easter egg dropped by Epic Games as the DJ’s highly anticipated in-game concert event is set to take place on February 2 starting at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET. 

In the days leading up to this event, Epic have released a lot of themed content in Fortnite, including special challenges, cosmetic items, map changes, and more. 

For everything you need to know about the event, including the full schedule, location, how to watch, and more, visit our dedicated Fortnite x Marshmello info hub

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