Fortnite leak claims new Marshmello cosmetics coming for Party Royale

. 2 years ago
Epic Games

A brand-new Fortnite leak has suggested there could be a line of fresh Marshmello-themed cosmetics in the works following the launch of Party Royale. 

All the way back in Season 7, Fortnite changed the game with their pop-culture crossovers by giving popular EDM star Marshmello his own concert at Pleasant Park. Millions of players turned up at the concert, with Marshmello himself giving live call-outs about busting out a dancing emote and hyping up the crowd.

Since then, there have been other live events, with Travis Scott’s Astronomical concert taking things to the next level before Epic introduced the Party Royale. 

The Marshmello event changed the game in Fortnite.

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The party hub has already seen DJs like Major Lazer take on a shortened set and release some cosmetics, so could Marshmello be working his way back into the mix?

Reliable Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey pointed out that the DJ had a few file changes back in the 12.50 patch, seemingly suggesting that some new cosmetics could be about to hit the item shop.

Most notable of these files changes is the update to an unreleased weapon wrap. Having an unreleased item being worked on appears to suggest that Epic has something up their sleeve for the near future – otherwise, they probably would have just left it how it was if they weren’t going to release it.

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Of course, the possibility of having Marshmello back in the item shop is good news for players who may not have been around when he was originally released. However, if it is released again, some long-time fans will no longer be able to brag about having a pretty rare, earlier season’s skin.

Whether or not the new cosmetics will be released anytime soon though, is anyone’s guess. Epic hasn’t teased another Marshmello crossover as obvious as they did last time, so this might just come as a surprise later down the line. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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