Fortnite leaks reveal what new weapons could be added next in Chapter 2 - Dexerto

Fortnite leaks reveal what new weapons could be added next in Chapter 2

Published: 8/Nov/2019 19:10 Updated: 9/Nov/2019 0:38

by Eli Becht


A series of Fortnite leaks have possibly indicated what new weapons we can expect in upcoming updates.

Leaked weapons and cosmetics in Fortnite is nothing new, but it becomes a bit more interesting when we see things that were never even released receive some tweaks.

This situation happened with the Machine Pistol, which was already in the files but had some of its damage numbers change with the v11.10 hotfix.

FORTNITEBRThe Machine Pistol might actually be coming now.

Well-known Fortnite leaker HYPEX pointed this out and compared it to the previous numbers that were in the files, showing the weapon was nerfed before it ever made it into the game, albeit, it’s the damage to builds.


The weapon, if it releases, will come in three rarities: Normal (gray), Uncommon (green), and Rare (blue), with the damage being 15,16, and 17 respectively.

This weapon was accidentally released as part of the Solid Gold LTM in Season 10 before being quickly removed.

It’s currently part of the Save the World game mode, so if players ever wanted to see what the weapon performs like, they could check it out there, provided they own that portion of the game.

Epic does seem like they are gearing up for an eventual Battle Royale release, but nothing is set in stone as of yet.


Another interesting weapon HYPEX leaked was the potential return of the Scoped Assault Rifle. This weapon always had a place in the meta, even if it was pretty niche.

Due to its pinpoint accuracy, players who have a good aim can be devastating with this weapon. The leak suggests the weapon could return with five rarities this around.

Keep in mind that everything remains a leak for now, and until we get confirmation from Epic Games, it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Since Epic doesn’t release patch notes with their updates anymore, if any of these weapons do come into the game, it’ll be up to the players to find them first.