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Fortnite Batman event: ‘Welcome to Gotham City’ challenges and rewards

Published: 20/Sep/2019 8:57 Updated: 21/Sep/2019 14:15

by David Purcell


Fortnite Battle Royale players will be ramping up for the upcoming Batman crossover event, bringing a whole new Gotham City point of interest, and there’s a few challenges to complete as well. 

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As regular players of the battle royale game will know by now, during the course of Season 10 Epic Games have incorporated a number of different content from other franchises – including a limited time Pandora rift zone for Borderlands 3, and an IT Chapter Two tease at Pleasant Park. 

However, things are about to change massively at the Tilted Town location, again, with a brand new Rift Zone appearing at the landing spot and construction of a Gotham City replica to replace it, confirmed on September 21.


Epic GamesFortnite’s next crossover will bring Gotham City to the Season 10 map.
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Those who have loaded up the game since will know that Epic is now advertising a new set of ‘Welcome to Gotham City’ challenges, meaning that not only will the POI be coming to the game very soon indeed, but fans can pick up some cool rewards in the meantime.

With a chance to get your hands on a brand new Batman glider, skin banner and spray, let’s take a look at what you’re going to have to do in order to complete these missions. 

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Lucas7yoshiWelcome to Gotham City challenges.

Fortnite Welcome to Gotham City challenges

  • Deal damage to opponents with an explosive Batarang (x250)
  • Light up different Bat Signals outside Gotham City (x3)
  • Use a Batman Grapnel Gun in different matches (x3)
  • Diffuse Joker Gas Canisters found in different named locations (x3)
  • Deal damage to opponents within 30 seconds of using a Batman Grapnel Gun (x1)
  • Light a Bat Signal, use a Batman Grapnel Gun and deal any damage with Explosive Batarang (x1)

How do Fortnite’s Welcome to Gotham City rewards work?

  • Complete all challenges to unlock the new Batman glider 
  • Complete two challenges to unlock an unconfirmed reward
  • Complete four challenges to unlock both the Batman banner and spray

Lucas7YoshiHere’s some of the Batman inspired cosmetics that will be coming to Fortnite, including two gliders.
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The Challenges have now officially gone live in-game, meaning you can run your way through them at the new Gotham City location.


With a Rift Beacon having been placed at Tilted Town and a whole host of features already revealed ahead of this event, including a Batarang appearing in-game, there’s a lot of new stuff to try out.

Last updated Saturday, September 21, 9:25 AM EST.