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Fortnite: How to collect ‘100 of each material within 60 seconds’ for Junk Storm Mission

Published: 22/Aug/2019 15:17 Updated: 22/Aug/2019 15:45

by Matt Porter


The fourth week of Fortnite Missions are now live, and one of the brand-new challenges taks players with collection 100 of each material within 60 seconds of landing on the ground after jumping from the Battle Bus.

The V10.10 Content Update introduced the brand new Junk Rift item, but for this Fortnite Season 10 challenge, you’ll be using the game’s oldest item – your trusty harvesting tool.

That’s because you’ll need to collect 100 pieces of each of the game’s three materials – wood, stone, and metal – within a 60 second period of you landing on the island after you eject yourself from the Battle Bus.


While this prestige challenge may sound impossible, the key to completing it isn’t necessarily about how quickly you move, but rather about how clever you are regarding where you land.

This is because there are some locations on the island that have all of these materials in abundance inside a small location, so landing at them will make your job a whole lot easier.

Epic GamesFortnite players will need to find 100 of each material in a 60 second period.

First off, attempting to complete this challenge in one of the game’s core modes is a mistake, as the harvesting rates are too low and will make it pretty challenging to get 100 of each material in less than 60 seconds.


Instead, Fortnite‘s Team Rumble mode is the best bet for completing this task with ease, as it offers an elevated drop rate for wood, brick and metal, meaning you don’t need to break as many items to reach your target.

After that, it’s all about picking your spots, and one of the easiest to finish this challenge is Junk Junction. The location is full of wooden pallets and wooden furniture, the building itself is made of brick, and the squashed cars give you easy access to metal, thus helping you reach your quota.

Epic GamesJunk Junction is perhaps the easiest place to complete this challenge.

The wooded area to the west of Lazy Lagoon is also a good spot, as the trees are an easy way to grab wood, but the metal and stone objects scattered throughout the forest means its another handy way to knock this challenge out.


Epic GamesThe woods west of Lazy Lagoon are another good spot.

One of the smashed houses at Snobby Shores also has these items in abundance, but this might be a tough place to complete this challenge as another player landing here could see them hoover up the materials you desperately need.

Epic GamesThe final house in Snobby Shores has all the materials you need.

If you would like to see a few of the places that are the best spots for finding the 100 materials you need, we’ve marked them on this map below. 

The best places to complete this challenge.

Remember, you’ll need to be quick, as the 60 seconds start from the moment you touch the floor.

You’ll know you have completed this challenge when a pop-up appears alerting you of the fact, so if you grab your 100 of each material and don’t see any message, it’s likely that you weren’t quick enough, and will have to start all over again in the next match.