Fortnite: Every single Battle Star and Banner location for the Season 6 Hunting Party challenges

by Ross Deason


The Hunting Party bonus challenges have run throughout the entire 10 weeks of Season 6 in Fortnite Battle Royale, but some of you might not have found all of them yet.


Much like the Blockbuster challenge in Season 4 and the Road Trip challenge in Season 5, the Hunting Party required players to find a secret item hidden on the map each week and to eventually unlock a mystery skin.

The outfit turned out to be the A.I.M skin, which could be unlocked after completing seven of the challenges. However, there were still Battle Stars - which can be collected to gain a free Battle Pass tier - or Banners (which are added to your inventory) to find each week.


If you’re a completionist, or just really want to get a few free Battle Pass tiers with minimal effort, it’s not too late to back back and complete any of the Hunting Party challenges that you may have missed.

Thanks to a new cheat sheet from squatingdog, all of the hidden Banner and Battle Star locations for Season 6 have now been rolled into one map, along with the week that they are associated with:


All you need to do to unlock each challenge is complete all seven standard challenges for the same week. Once you’ve done that, a loading screen with a hint for the location of the hidden item will be unlocked.

Of course, you don’t need that hint because as soon as you’ve completed the challenges for Week 3, for instance, you’ll be able to travel to the Wailing Woods location marked on the map and collect the Battle Star.

With the success of the Blockbuster, Road Trip and Hunting Party challenges in the last three seasons, we’re sure that something similar will be implemented for Season 7.