Epic Games respond to bizarre Fortnite editing bug

Brad Norton
Epic Games - Fortnite

A new editing bug has been discovered in the popular Battle Royale game Fortnite, and it could be detrimental enough to cost you a victory. Acknowledging the severity of the bug, Epic Games has issued a response.

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With update version 10.40.1, a new limited-time event was confirmed, Season X was extended, and a few minor tweaks were implemented. Unfortunately, it appears a major bug has slipped through the cracks however.

While certainly not the first bug in the history of the competitive Battle Royale title, Fortnite has been hit with a new and surprising issue that drastically impacts rapid building.

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In an October 2 post on Reddit, user ‘Tomred95’ shared a newly discovered bug that massively impacts the rapid building and editing process.

After editing a ceiling block in half, putting it back to full scale, and then looking away momentarily, the bug ensures that you’re no longer able to re-edit that ceiling piece until you look away once again.

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This bug could be hugely impactful to professional players and streamers alike, those who have mastered the hectic building and editing mechanics in Fortnite. 

Not being able to re-edit the roof of your structure in the heat of combat, could be enough to cost you the entire match under certain circumstances. 

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An Epic Games Community Coordinator responded to the Reddit post in saying, “thanks for the video illustrating this! I’ll send this to our QA team for investigation.”

The post was barely a few hours old by the time that Epic Games caught wind of the bug, so rest assured that the development team is on the ball and searching for a fix to the unexpected issue as soon as possible.

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The limited release ‘Out of Time’ event is set to launch on October 8 and will include end of season cosmetic rewards among XP gains aplenty. 

As a result, Season 11 has been held back slightly. Now expected to launch on throughout the week beginning October 14, you can keep up with all the latest right here.